Ducato 30th Anniversary! Introducing the Limited Color of Long-Selling Product Emery File - Light Blue.

Ducato's long-selling tool item - Emery File

This year, in commemoration of the brand's 30th anniversary, Ducato has release a limited edition color - Light Blue

The Emery File is a stainless steel file that helps shape and smooth the length and shape of nails. Ducato's Emery File has a coarse and fine side on both sides. It's a popular product that allows you to shape and refine your nails effectively by using the coarse side for trimming and the fine side for finishing. For a distinct finishing touch, the Emery File is a must-try product.

The limited edition Light Blue color comes with a case for storing the Emery File. Please give it a try!



Other colors and sizes are also available!


Emery File Black


Emery File Mini Purple



Use the rough side of the file (the side with the logo on the handle) to shape the tips of your nails. Hold the file at a 45-degree angle to the nail, and file in one direction from the side toward the center, following the curve of the nail's shape.

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