From the 'Natural Nail Color N,' A limited quantity of the 'Summer Horoscope Series' with the theme of Summer Constellations is being released!


Summer Horoscope series in a cool blue tone inspired by summer constellations and mythology.

It's a series with color palettes reminiscent of fantastical paintings inspired by constellations and mythology.

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175 - Cassiopeia [Limited]
Due to its shape resembling 'the five fingers of a woman dyed with henna,' Cassiopeia, also known as the 'Henna-Dyed Hand,' is depicted in a deep night sky with stars in navy blue and large glitter. This color also shines in pedicures. Please note that this product does not contain henna.


176 - Radiant Green [Limited]
A painting of a radiant green night sky, created by layering multiple shades of green and blue paints. The deep turquoise tones and delicate sheen depict a mysterious night sky. Perfect for gradient nails and brushstroke art to add a stylish touch.


177 - Pegasus [Limited]
Pegasus constellation, known for the myth of carrying the hero Perseus to rescue Princess Andromeda. Red iridescent pearls with hints of soft purple shine romantically like a myth. Achieve elegant fingertips with just one color.


178 - Cygnus [Limited]
Swan Constellation with Wings Spread Across the Milky Way. Like the love Zeus, transformed into a swan, bestowed upon the beautiful Leda, this pale blue with a hint of red iridescent glitter sparkles. Simply apply it for sophisticated fingertips.


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