Limited release!
 Ducato Natural Nail Color N Favorite Gummy Series in limited quantities.

Favorite Gummy series on sale now!

Pop and colorful Favorite Gummy series where you can enjoy a gummy-like texture. 

It's a color variation that will make you feel cheerful from the tips of your fingers during this season when the weather is still a little cold. 

You can enjoy the shiny texture like gummy bears. ♪


■ 168 Bubblegum Pink [Limited Quantity]
The color of pink gummy candy with an exceptionally sweet bubblegum flavor. With just one coat, achieve high pigmentation and complete a pink-themed nail design. This happy color will lift your mood whenever you look at your fingertips.
■ 169 Soda [Limited Quantity]
The refreshing soda-flavored gummy's color. We expressed the fizzy bubbles that burst with a sparkling effect using glitter. The sheer and transparent finish makes it easy to try even for those who do not usually use colorful colors.
170 Lemon Lime [Limited Quantity]
The color of caramel-flavored gummy candy is a deliciously rich and mellow shade, with a crisp and savory aroma. Among the many flavors, the elusive caramel flavor is incredibly unique and luxurious. It's a sublime color that can appear as orange, beige, or even gold.
171 Caramel Gold [Limited Quantity]
The color of refreshing citrus-flavored gummies with a zing of lime green. When you apply it to your nails, it feels like imagining the shining lime under the tropical sun. With one coat, it gives a translucent finish, but layering it creates a vivid lime color that pops.


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