The polarizing glitter and pearls are stunning! They are sure to be a great asset for your summer outings.

Natural Nail Color N Blue Sky Moment Series is now available in limited quantities!

Introducing the "Blue Sky Moment" series [Limited release: quantities 154 to 157].
Also presenting nail art that is perfect for the summer season. ♡

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★Nail Art Example

[From the top left in the image]

156 Twilight Blue
154 Sky Blue
156 Twilight Blue, 154 Sky Blue
157 Sunset Orange
155 Galaxy Blue

★Nail Art Example: Apply 154 Sky Blue from the base of the nails to the middle, and apply 156 Twilight Blue from the middle to the tips. It's also recommended to draw constellations or place holograms with white nail color along the boundary.

[From the bottom left in the image]

155 Galaxy Blue
23 Milk Chocolate [Classic color]
155 Galaxy Blue
55 Condensed Milk [Classic color]
23 Milk Chocolate [Classic color]

Please note that 154-157 are limited edition and will be discontinued once out of stock. Please check them out!


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