New Natural Nail Color N standard color inspired by traditional Japanese sweets, under the theme of "Indulge in the Japanese Modern Colors”

Indulge in the Japanese Modern Colors

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F172 - Matcha Green
A color inspired by matcha green tea that made from high-quality tea leaves. It captures the slightly bitter flavor of matcha within a pale green hue, expressed through iridescent pearls that shift from gold to orange. An elegant green that can be enjoyed regardless of the season.

F173 - Azuki Brown
A color inspired by carefully and meticulously simmered red beans to create sweet bean paste. The remaining bean granules in the sweet bean paste are represented by iridescent pearls that transition into gold and pink. The brown, tinged with a reddish hue like red beans, adds warmth to the fingertips.

F174 - Strawberry Syrup
A color inspired by strawberry syrup drizzled over fluffy shaved ice. It captures the sparkling essence of shaved ice, like a jewel, and the luxurious texture of ripe strawberries, achieved through iridescent pearls. With a sheer color payoff, you can also enjoy gradient effects.

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Nail Art Example

In exquisite pearls for a glossy nail finish.

In the same way as meticulously crafted Japanese candies, each one is endowed with vibrant colors.

Introducing nail art that is perfect for spring!

①④: Paint the entire surface with 13 Cherry Pink (Shop Here), use 174 Strawberry Syrup for the petals, and 172 Matcha Green for the stems. Using studs or similar items for the leaves is recommended.

②⑤: Apply a clear nail color to the entire nail, and once it's completely dry, lightly layer 172 Matcha Green from the middle of the nail to the tip, repeating 2-3 times to achieve a gradient finish.

: Apply 172 Matcha Green to the entire surface and place gold leaf as accents.

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